The BA30 is a quality alloy rim designed to withstand a real beating.

This is the rim for high-impact riding when the trails are rough and rugged. With an internal bracing structure, the BA30 has torsional stiffness for directional control in demanding circumstances. The BA30 features a thick bead wall adjacent the tire to resist impact deformation, with a wider, rounded top-edge to reduce sidewall cuts. The nipple/spoke bed is oriented to the spoke direction to reduce weakness caused by bend in the spoke at the nipple hole. The BA30 is made with premium alloy, extruded with an internal brace profile and carefully formed for consistent shape. It is then fusion welded and ground for a strong precise finish. Our fusion welding system leaves a perfect seamless joint that becomes the strongest section of the rim ensuring that your rim won’t split if you impact at the seam.



  • Premium extruded alloy
  • Fusion welded seam-ground finish
  • Internal bracing profile
  • Tubeless ready
  • Impact resistant design
  • 27.5: 570g
  • 29: 610g
  • Black


Internally braced
The BA30 extrusion profile is designed with an internal bracing, giving this model added support and stiffness to perform in high Energy situations.

Premium extruded alloy
We’ve chosen our alloy for a measured balance between compliance and durability. Not everyone does this but it makes a big difference, both in the lifespan and performance of the wheel.

Fusion welded-ground seam
We use a fusion weld process to join the seam which creates a joint stronger than any other section of the rim. The rim surface is ground for a seamless finsh which is precise and consistent overall.

Robust beadwall edge
It adds a couple grams but its worth it. All of our rims feature a beadwall that is about double the width of most of our competitors. The outside edge has an extra large radius to reduce cuts from sidewall impacts.

Directionally oriented nipple bed
We’ve designed the rim bed with an angle to match the spoke direction. This reduces spoke bend at the nipple and the end of the threads which is known to be a common breaking point at the spoke.

ba-30-rim profile