Introducing the Pilot & Pilot BA

At some point, the clippers outnumbered the clipless here at Chromag.
I'm not exactly sure when that happened, but we're at about a 60/40 split in favour of the clip-ins right now. (We decided on clip-in right?)

The Pilot really suits those with one foot larger than the other.

Seeing as the majority of us here ride clipped in, we set to work on a pedal that would complement the same features we have in our flat pedals, and suit the riding we like to do around Whistler and the Sea to Sky.

The Pilot has a platform size of 87x110mm and a stance of 57.5mm, while the larger BA comes in at 105x110mm and 60mm. Both of these pedals would be considered large in most eyes, and even the smaller of the two provides a stable, confidence inspiring platform.
The height-adjustable pins allow you to dial-in the contact with your sole, and opt for more grip, or easier release.

We use a sealed bearing and bushing combination which we've learned is an excellent balance of longevity, friction and weight. These roll on our tried and tested G.3 axle and new shorter F.1 axle.
As with all our parts, we design them with service in mind, and the Pilot is no different. All spare parts and pins will be available from Chromag dealers and

There's few innovations that have stood the test of time as well at the SPD. It also seems to be the most prolific, at least in the circles we roam, which is why we decided to go with an SPD compatible system. Cleats will come in the box, but they will work with your current SPD cleats as well.

• Pins: 8 /Pedal
• Size: 87 x 110mm
• Stance: 57.5mm
• Finish: Bead blasted aluminum
• Colours: Black, blue, red, purple, gold
• Weight: 520g
Pilot BA
• Pins: 10 /Pedal
• Size: 105 x 110mm
• Stance: 60mm
• Finish: Bead blasted aluminum
• Colours: Black, blue, red, purple, gold
• Weight: 595g

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