Our burliest rim offering

BA30 Rim

BA 30 Rim Mountain Bike Wheel 27.5" 29 inch Rim Chromag Bikes
BA 30 Rim Mountain Bike Wheel 27.5" 29 inch Rim Chromag Bikes
BA 30 Rim Mountain Bike Wheel 27.5" 29 inch Rim Chromag Bikes
BA 30 Rim Mountain Bike Wheel 27.5" 29 inch Rim Chromag Bikes
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Size 27.5

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The burliest rim profile in our line up for those that ride hard on rough and unforgiving trails

☛ Thick bead wall to prevent pinch flats
☛ 30mm internal width
☛ 32 spoke
☛ Welded joint
☛ Internal bracing profile
☛ Orientated spoke bed

☛ Rims sold individually.

☛ Premium extruded aluminium
☛ Fusion welded joint, seam ground finish


Material // Premium extruded alloy

Finish // Fusion welded seam-ground finish

Profile // Internal bracing profile / Impact resistant design

Tubeless // Tubeless Ready

Rim Weight // 27.5: 611g / 29: 624g

Internal Width // 30mm

Valve // Presta

Max Tire Pressure 2.4" // 45PSI

Max Tire Pressure 2.8" // 30PSI

Max Spoke Tension // 125KgF

Build Info // 27.5" ERD: 566mm / 29" ERD: 604mm

Hole Count // 32

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Chromag rims are built on this foundation

key features

Let's get you rolling

Oriented Nipple Bed

The Phase30 and BA30 feature an oriented bed to help align the nipple seat with the angle of the spoke. This helps reduce stress on the nipple and spoke, thereby creating a stronger wheel.

Robust Beadwall

All our rims are all made from premium grade aluminium. They are extruded to our unique design and refined ERD (Effective rim diameter) for the best tire fit and hold.

The BA30, Phase30 and Ally have a robust beadwall to add increased dent resistance and tire retention.


The Phase30 and BA30 use 6069, this has a higher tensile and fatigue strength along with increased fracture toughness. It is also a bit more expensive.

The Ally uses 6061, whilst still a premium alloy it is slightly lower strength than 6069. As such more is used to compensate making the Ally slightly heavier.

Rim FAQ's

They both use our top end alloy with a fusion welded seam-ground join, and have a 30mm inner width.

The main difference is the BA30 has some extra internal bracing, making it stronger and a bit heavier.

If you're really on the fence, run a Phase on the front and BA on the rear.

The Phase and BA are fusion welded, and post ground which makes the join the strongest part of the rim!

The Ally is pinned at the joint, which is more simple and less labour intensive, but not as strong. The Ally is also slightly heavier as the alloy used has slightly less strength than that of the BA and Phase.

Wheels come pre-taped with tubeless valves installed.

All you need to do is install tires and sealant.

Our wheels are pre-stressed and ready to ride out of the box.

However, like all wheels there is a bedding-in period, so be sure to keep an eye on spoke tension after the first few rides.

Provided the rim does not have a crack, you can use an adjustable wrench to gently bend it back to help your tyres seat properly. Use a rag or an old inner tube to prevent scratching your rim, and be careful to avoid puncturing your rim tape!

You'll likely need to adjust spoke tension if your wheel has taken a hit hard enough to dent it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Scott B.
The same as I said

The same as I said for the front wheel... So far it is holding up, so the wheel itself seems to be good. We'll see how it does long term. Dropped a star due to issues with shipping and lack of attention to the rim tape, along with a lackluster response to both.

Does the job

I'm pretty heavy and have a habit of breaking wheels. So far these have been fantastic. Rims haven't got so much as a ding and the hubs do what they're meant to. Would recommend to a friend.

BA30 wheels

Best wheels I have ever had. I've had one on my hardtail for three years and it hasn't even seen a spoke key. Also have a pair on my trail bike going strong after a year or so.


I built the wheels myself and got them straighter than any wheel I've seen before. So straight that when you spun them fast they looked like they were sitting still. Been bashing them hard for a year on hardtail with no problems.

Strong but so hard to mount tubeless tires on.

These built up a great heavy duty wheel set. But they’re incredibly hard to mount tires on and I had to re-tape them 3 times since the first build because the spoke bed profile is so square and recessed.

Luc B.

Great wheel! Light enough weight and feels responsive on the trail. Not too stiff. Stayed true for the whole season.

Sam T.
The Only Alloy Rim I Trust

I run these rims on both my DH and by Enduro. I have destroyed 2 of them in about 2 years but for me that's pretty good. Neither has snapped just massive dents and a 5 spoke flat spot. These rims are insanely strong and with all other alloy rims I've tried i smash them in a ride or two. I will be a lifetime BA30 customer.

Paul C.
Excellent Roll Model

The BA 30’s pretty much deliver as promised. They stay true to form even after the occasional heart thumping miscalculated drop. The design feature where the rubber hits the rim is completely on point