The Scarab features amid-wide platform with true concave shape. A thin profile and chamfered corners maximise clearance.

Our proprietary extrusion and machined design provides an ultra thin true-concave profile that is only 13mm at platform center. Custom traction pins are made of hardened steel and feature two height options via the removable washer. A shear line reduces pedal damage when the pins are struck. Each pedal features 40 placement options for the ultimate customization.

The Scarab features intricate machining detail and polished finish.

  • Essentially more pins, extra machining, and a higher Q-Factor than the Contact.
  • Want more cowbell? Check out the Dagga.

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Profile // 13mm at platform centre, concave design
Material // Alloy
Size // 110mm x 108mm
Pins // 40, Adjustable Height
Weight // 430g/Pair

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