Trailmaster DT

$115 CAD

The Trailmaster DT (Durable Top) has a synthetic top for riders who see a lot of wet weather or for DH and Freeride applications where extra durability is needed.

A medium size platform with a rounded, uninterrupted perimeter is easy to move freely around. It features medium-firm density foam with a padded nose for technical climbing and all around friendly contact without any sharp, snaggy edges. A flat sitting area with a central relief promotes sitting on your bones. An excellent model for punchy tech sessions or all day epics.

Top // Seamless synthetic top
Rails // Chromoly
Length // 280mm
Width // 140mm
Weight // 305g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
The search is over

Finding the right seat can be a long, painful, and expensive process. This is hands down the most comfortable seat I've used in my 25+ years of biking. Whether it's all day backcountry missions or laps at the ski hill it does the trick. No matter the conditions the seat performs well, in wet or dry, and works great in the cold on my fat bike in the winter. I've riden it for over 5 years on several bikes and still going strong. Some have said it's heavy or expensive, maybe, but no more sore ass is totally worth it, and if I was concerned about weight I'd eat less. Try one out you won't be disappointed.

Daniel L.
Looks great!!

Great looking saddle!

Trailmaster DT Saddle saddle I've ever ridden on.


Like a couch for your bike


Le siege parfait pour moi

Favorite saddle I've tried

I really like the Trailmaster saddle. Seems to fit me right for any length of ride I might do, and holds up well. My only complaint is that it's a little bulky, but that's mainly just aesthetics.

My go to saddle

I have owned 4 Trailmaster saddles over the years and am currently using one on my commuter bike and one on my trail bike. I find it comfortable even when riding without a chamois. They are also super durable and will last a long time.

max g.
My saddle for the past 3 years

I've been on a trailmaster DT saddle for the past 3 years now and there's no turning back. The rails stayed strong on multiple butt impacts and bike crashes and there's not even a tear in the fabric! The big bonus comes from the amazing style that this saddle has over any other options. Buy one now