Nice Dreams Frame 2017 - Medium

$1,100 $1,900   CAD

With suspension adapted geometry designed to have the characteristic trail feel of a Chromag, the Nice Dreams is more than just a fat bike. It is an all mountain ripper. Because riders want to ride a fat tire bike on dirt as well as snow we designed it to be able to handle true technical terrain. The Nice Dreams is very capable of handling a variety of terrain because of its steep seat angle / slack head angle, short chainstays, low bottom bracket and considerable stand-over clearance.


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Almost all Chromag frames are made from quality 4130 chromoly steel tubing. Chromoly is an abbreviation for chromium-molybdenum indicating the materials that the steel is alloyed with.

The added chromium helps increase the steels hardenability and also provide some corrosion resistance.
The molybdenum helps to increase the toughness of the steel.

It has a high tensile strength but is also malleable which is what gives our frames their notorious ride quality and feel. Chromoly is often used when more strength is required than that of mild carbon steel.

It falls under the AISI (American Iron & Steel Institute) 41XX designations which is where the “41” comes from. The “30” indicates it contains approximately 0.30% carbon by weight.

Chromoly is much stronger than traditional 1020 steel and it has a higher strength to weight ratio and high tensile strength, which means we can use less material and achieve a product that can withstand the abuse that riders love to throw at it.

Chromag 4130 Tubing

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