$65 CAD

An injection molded, nylon reinforced platform that is light, impact resistant and won’t break the bank. Modelled after our Scarab pedal, the Synth features a large platform with true concave and our proprietary pin system. It uses the same high-end axle and bearing assembly as on our Scarab and Contact models so you can count on long-life and smooth performance with common serviceability components available from Chromag.

Make sure you get the Synth specific pins if you're getting spare pedal pins!

  • Wanna go metal? Take a look at the Contact.

Profile // 15mm at platform centre, concave design
Material // Polycarbonate/nylon
Size // 110mm x 107mm
Pins // 9 per platform
Weight // 380g/Pair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Wild C.C.W.-.D.C.
Grippy and priced right.

Seem legit. Good feel and grip.


Great look and feel on the dirt jumper

Dj pedal

Great for dirt jumping. Not sticky enough for all mountain riding.

Yehonatan C.
unfortunately wouldn't recommend

after about 200km of non aggressive xc ride ,the left pedal has started to feel very uncomfortable making a squeaking noises .

I am very disappointed

Hey Yehonatan,

Thanks for the review, sorry to hear you're not happy with your pedals. We offer an extensive warranty on all of our products (more info here and would love to see your pedals to see what might have happened here.

Good mid-price pedal

I am giving these pedals 5 stars because there is nothing wrong with them - they are grippy and come in cool colors. However, I’m a New England rider, which is rife with rocks, and I pedal strike more than I would like to admit, which frankly does a number on these pedals. At this point, the pedals have cracked in many places, and I can no longer replace pins as a result. That being said, I’ve gotten close to 1,000 miles out of them, so I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth.

Thanks for the review! Just in case you didn't know, we do offer replacement Synth pedal bodies for a very reasonable price!
You can find them in the pedal parts section, or just under these reviews.

Perfect Concave and Pins

Love the concave on these pedals, and how the pins are slightly shorter than the Contact and Scarab pedals. Perfect for Dirtjumping/Slopestyle and being able to maneuver your feet for tricks. I've thrashed them for over a year, and they are still mint! Surprisingly durable for a plastic pedal too.

Synth rules

I run the synth pedals on my BMX,
Perfect for the trails even on wet muddy days when your shoes are caked in clay.
I also ride left hand drive so switching the
spindals was no hassle 🤘

Great quality flat pedal for fat biking

I purchased this quality Chromag flat pedal for my Canadian fat bike winter rides! I definitively recommend these pedals! The fully sealed bearings are exactly the same as the Chromag Contacts that I can’t recommend enough!