Friday Ride

We don't mess around when it comes to naming things. We ride, on Fridays. 

It really is a testament to the ethos of the company. Sure, we could open and make a few more sales, but instead we all go for a ride, ney, we go for a mission.

Usually the first order of business is breakfast. Whoever is organising said ride of the week, has the honour(?) of cooking for everyone, and they get dibs on where we go. Sometimes we do a lot of laps, up one side of the valley, then the other. Sometimes we do a big one over the top. Sometimes the trails are well known, sometimes they are unknown. Occasionally we get to jump in a lake on the top of a mountain.  

It's normally fairly exhausting, has some spicy moves in the mix, and speaking for myself, a humbling but gratifying experience. 

If you'd like to tag along, feel free to stop by earlier in the week and find out if a plan has yet to emerge for the upcoming Friday. All are welcome, but prepare to be tested. 

In short, we'd like to apologise if you've ever shown up here on a Friday to find the lights off and doors locked, but we really have gone riding. And so should you.

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