Our OG trail saddle


Trailmaster MTB Saddle Chromag Mountain Bike Seats
Trailmaster MTB Saddle Chromag Mountain Bike Seats
Trailmaster MTB Saddle Chromag Mountain Bike Seats
Trailmaster MTB Saddle Chromag Mountain Bike Seats
Trailmaster MTB Saddle Chromag Mountain Bike Seats
Trailmaster MTB Saddle Chromag Mountain Bike Seats
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The original trail tool, the versatile and venerable Trailmaster features a medium size platform and a rounded uninterrupted perimeter that is easy to get behind and move around without any snaggy or sharp edges.

Medium-firm density foam with a padded nose is excellent for technical climbing as well as all day epics. A flat sitting area with a central relief promotes sitting on your bones.

The Trailmaster features a supple perforated natural leather top and Chromoly rails for durability.

  • Want it in waterproof DT? Check out the Trailmaster DT.
  • View the limited edition top grain leather version here.

Our original trail tool, versitile and with room to move on a padded nose

☛ Medium size platform
☛ Seamless top
☛ Chromoly rails

☛ Saddle only

☛ Seamless natural perforated leather.
☛ Chromoly rails


Top // Seamless, natural perforated leather

Rails // Chromoly

Length // 284mm

Width // 140mm

Weight // 324g

Click here to view the saddle user guide.


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key features

Not all saddles are created equal.

LTD Editions

Keep an eye out for limited edition versions of our saddles. From time to time we do special small runs, with fancy graphics and different finishes and materials.

Durable Top

Our DT (Durable Top) is a synthetic covering for riders who see a lot of wet weather or for DH and Freeride applications where extra durability is needed.

Cro-Mo Rails

We use cr-mo (Chromoly Steel) rails on all of our saddles for tried and tested strength and durability.

Saddle FAQ's

For "trail" riding, a good rule of thumb is level with the ground on a flat surface. In other words, horizontal.

Tipping the nose down can aid in comfort on steep climbs, however DJ and DH riders tend to lift the nose above the horizontal, for extra leg control.

Yes! We have a demo fleet of saddles available at Chromag HQ in Whistler.

In short, yes.

Leather saddles can be treated with surface conditioners.  Check with your local hardware store, shoe maker or leather specialist for available products.  Note that different conditioners can have different effects on the leather (IE. softening or discoloration).  The user takes all responsibility for the results of any treatments applied to the saddle.

It’s important to know that the cover of a saddle is made of soft material and by that nature, it will start changing from the day you start using it.

Leather saddles are likely to go through more change than DT saddles.

You can read the full user guide here, but to avoid any kind of creaking, make sure the rails and the seatpost clamp are spotlessly clean!

If something is creaking, remove the saddle from the post and make sure the rails and clamps are clean. You'd be amazing what a bit of dirt can do.

As for the finish, any DT saddles don't really need any aftercare. However it's not a bad idea to treat any leather saddle with some high quality leather treatment from time to time (like you might use for leather gloves for example).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Comfy seat

I've had one of these on my giant anthem for a few years now and it's a great saddle. It's big enough to be supportive but without getting in the way and it's got a narrow rear but with a wide padded nose and a decent amound of padding. Another bonus is the cover is made from real leather which is hard to find unless you want a brookes saddle or something and it's a single piece without any seams or stitching.

Cameron C.
The Saddle You Never Think About

Only saddle I ride on my MTBs. Initially I was concerned this saddle would be geared more to descending focused riding only and not optimal long technical climbs. But, after several years of riding this saddle, I wouldn't consider any other option. After long, hot and dry or wet and cold rides, I'm not thinking at all about my saddle and ready to go again the next day after refueling with chips and beer.

Brian D.
Works for my wide butt

Love this saddle! Fits my wide ass, and I like the room to move forward on the nose without it feeling like it’s slipping between my cheeks. 10/10 will buy again!!

Comfortable saddle

This saddle came stock on my Rootdown build and is a great saddle for a hardtail. The cushion helps dampen some vibrations from to trail without rear suspension. The only downside is the leather wears a bit when it's super wet out. The wear is only superficial so far so it doesn't really matter. Overall a great and comfortable saddle.

Riding Bliss

Love it. Finally I don't think about my butt while riding. The profile, width and padding are perfect for me, I have 122mm sitbones in case anyone is trying to decide if the size is right for them, and it seems pretty perfect with the rest of my bike fit! Plus it looks fantastic in the sun with the gloss pattern

Not for me

This is such a weird saddle. It's long and wide. It feels like a cruiser saddle. I never got along with it. It looks clunky and dumb too... Sorry it does.

In truth I've never bought a non-DT Trailmaster because they're leather and why anybody would put old dead cow parts on their bike is beyond me.

The “One”

In the last several years I’ve tried every saddle out there from W*B to Br**ks to Sp*cialized to S.Anat*mica... couldn’t sit for more than 3 hours on anything without nasty saddle pain and sores for the next week. Last night I rode for 8.5hrs on loose, rough gravel and I didn’t think about the saddle once. This saddle has been a revelation for me. Please, never change the Trailmaster!!!

Alex P.

The sitting area works well for sitting. Which is more than can be said for many saddles